eCommerce trade in 2016 has reached record high level of popularity. Experts predict that the figures from 2016 will be even more impressive this 2017. If you want to know how to improve your results in the field of eCommerce, then you must follow the latest trends in eCommerce solutions – both web and mobile solutions.

Twitter has been using the Buy button for two years, but this 2017 they have decided to eliminate this button. But, this doesn’t mean that Twitter is giving up on online stores and businesses. There are some reports that suggest that Twitter is working on a new feature that will significantly ease eCommerce activities on their platform. This is quite natural because many eCommerce websites are present on Twitter.

The end of 2016 has delivered some incredible statistics. It turns out that more than 30% of the Internet users have bought at least one item over the Internet in 2016. Furthermore, 25% of them have bought groceries over the Internet and more than half of them said that they will try this in 2017.  One out of ten who bought food product over the Internet says that they will change their habit of using brick and mortar stores with online grocery stores.

Another trend that is worth mentioning is that eCommerce is slowly focusing on augmented and virtual reality. There are many well-established eCommerce companies that have already included some VR and AR features on their platforms. In most cases, they are developing mobile apps that allow users to get more familiar with their products and services. Virtual/Augmented reality lets people experience products in a different way. In this way, they can make more reasonable decisions.

Furthermore, many eCommerce websites in 2017 have decided to give artificial intelligence a try. This technology is currently used for predicting customer behavior. So, online business owners are using it to up-sell their products or to make existing customers buy other things from their offer. There are even specially designed bots that can assist shopping activity. These chatbots have proven to be very helpful and useful.

Finally, many online store owners are investing in mobile technologies. They are no longer working on creating eCommerce solutions that are mobile friendly, but they are also offering special incentives for mobile users. This is quite natural because more than half of the Internet users are now using their mobile devices to access the Internet.